Rouillier Drilling, a family business founded on strong values!

Rouillier Drilling, a family business founded on strong values!
22 November 2018

Rouillier Drilling was established in 1977 in Abitibi; the place it still calls home today. Here is some background on the family business, which is responsible for its lasting success.

Marcel Rouillier founded Les entreprises Marcel Rouillier Inc. in 1977; the company had just one driller at the time. Mario Rouillier, one of Mr. Rouillier’s sons, joined the company as an assistant driller during the busy summer months. Over the years, Mario climbed his way up the ladder by filling various positions within the company, until becoming involved in its management.

Marcel Rouillier

Mario became the new business owner in 1995, at which point it had four drillers.

Mario Rouillier

Between 2013 and 2014, the company doubled its efforts to expand in its field. Since its foundation and until that point, the company had specialized in surface drilling. Underground drilling operations were then made possible through the acquisition of Forage Boréal and through the manufacturing component with VersaDrill, which rounded out the company’s offer and led to the creation of Groupe Rouillier.

Forage Boréal et Versadrill

On the occasion of its 40th birthday, Rouillier Drilling unveiled its new installations, which reflected the company’s successful growth and expansion. The new installations were created with the goal of providing his family – his employees – with a dynamic work environment reflective of the unparalleled respect and recognition the president has for his team.


Groupe Rouillier still calls Abitibi home and is considered a first-class leader in mining and diamond drilling, as well as in manufacturing high-performance equipment. The Groupe now includes surface and underground drilling companies, a fundamental research and innovation group for exploratory drilling, and a diamond driller manufacturer. This amalgamation makes Groupe Rouillier one of the largest private-sector companies in the country in its field. In total, the Groupe has over 77 drillers and employs over 400 personnel, who contribute to the company’s continued growth each and every day.