Regional finals of the CNESST awards

Regional finals of the CNESST awards
31 October 2016

Forage Boréal's Zero Energy system: innovating for the sake of

workers' health and security


Val-d’Or, 26th of October, 2016 – With its new Zero Energy System now in place on all of its drills, Forage Boréal, the underground drilling division of Forages Rouillier, was able to win the "Innovation" prize in the large-sized businesses category last Wednesday at the regional finals of the CNESST awards in Val-d'Or. The award will see the company through to the provincial finals in the same category, showcasing its innovative approach in the realm of health and security.

The Zero Energy System makes it impossible for workers to come into contact with the moving components of the drills, as the opening of the door automatically triggers the machine's shut-down, or zero energy status. Furthermore, in order to function at low speeds, a button must be manually held down. Situated 6 feet from the commands and away from the targeted drilling area, this system means that workers cannot control the equipment while being simultaneously within harm's way of the moving components, greatly lowering the risk of injuries and accidents.


The Zero Energy System maximizes team safety, requires no extra effort, and eliminates the possibility of human error. "It is a system that has greatly improved work safety and security in the diamond mining sector," explains Mario Rouillier, president of Forages Rouillier. "Despite the inter-locking door system, the drilling operator was often within reach of the drill.  When the door was opened the rotation of the stems went from 1200 to 50 rotations per minute without any change in the speed of the drill chuck on the tower. The operator would then find himself within reach of these moving components over which he had no control. He ran the risk of being injured, dragged down, caught or even killed by these pieces of the drill. Pairing the Zero Energy System with the inter-locking door system eliminates these risks," explains Olivier Brousseau, safety and security coordinator at Forages Rouillier.


The aim of the "Innovation" category of the CNESST awards is to recognize the ideas of people in the industry working to improve workplace safety through prevention. The provincial finals of the Grand Prix SST (workplace safety and health) will take place in the spring of 2017.


About Forages Rouillier

Founded in 1977 by Marcel Rouillier, Forages Rouillier is a private family business that offers comprehensive solutions and planning for drilling companies, providing assistance at every stage of the exploration process. The company has made workplace health and safety a priority and is a considered a leader within the industry, thanks to its skilled workforce and its respect for the environment. In 2015, Forages Rouillier won "Company of the Year" at Xplor, Quebec's annual mineral exploration industry convention.


About Groupe Rouillier

Based in Abitibi, Groupe Rouillier is a leader in the field of mineral exploration, as much in drilling as in the production of high-performance equipment. The family business reunites under its banner the companies Forages Rouillier and its underground dirlling division Forage Boréal, Youdin Rouillier Drilling and Avataa Rouillier Drilling in Quebec, Pro Forage Guyana in South America as well as the manufacturer VersaDrill Canada, who's equipment is used all over the world.  With a team of over 300 employees, Groupe Rouillier specializes in responding to the specific needs of its clients. The company is dedicated to respecting environmental rules and regulations as well as the safety and health of its employees, making it  a well-respected name in the industry, in Canada and around the world.

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